“I have seen many counselors over the past 15 years, and Bonnie Gertz is the first counselor I have really been able to talk with openly. I am grateful for all she has taught me and helped me discover about myself. What mattered most about Bonnie was that I was able to feel how much she cared, and that made all the difference. Today, I feel I understand myself for the first time. Today, I am able to say I love myself and I know that wouldn’t be possible without her help.”
Beth H.

“I have gone to a variety of therapists, but Bonnie is the only one who truly “gets me,” and for the first time I have been comfortable enough to be completely open and honest. Her inherent kindness and caring nature have been fundamental in helping me acknowledge and address my deep-seeded issues. I wouldn’t be where I am today – happy, healthy and free of my addiction – without her. I am forever grateful that I’ve had the privilege of working with such a warmhearted, amazing lady.”
Francie B.

“Bonnie helped me through the worst time of my life by helping me break down the walls I had built up over the years. She had an uncanny ability to help me see my full potential. Bonnie taught me how to identify and deal with my feelings in a healthy way with two simple, yet very profound questions: what am I feeling and what am I needing? Once I fully understood their meaning, a shift in my thinking happened. Today, with her help, I am a work in progress, but a healthier, happier, more balanced person. I ask myself those two questions multiple times a day. Bonnie left a lasting impression on me with everything she taught me. She gave me back to myself, and I will forever be grateful.”
Jannell W.

“Bonnie has been extremely instrumental in my recovery. When a number of things in my life collided, I was in need of perspective, support and clarity. Through her skill as a therapist, and her integrity as a person, Bonnie has given me many tools to aid in my personal growth. I wouldn’t have known the strength and beauty within myself without her. She has helped me through my recovery and the many stages of rebuilding my life.”
Doug M.

“I found Bonnie to be supportive, compassionate and trustworthy. She would listen with intent to understand and provide me with positive, non-judgmental feedback. I always felt that she had walked in my shoes and was my biggest cheerleader when I succeeded with what I thought were just baby steps. She guided me in the process of putting my life back together after going through a long journey of addiction. I am so thankful to Bonnie and what I have learned from her.”
Barb M.

“I’ve been doing psychotherapy since the late 60s and have met many therapists in that time. Bonnie stands out to me because of her extraordinary ability to connect with people and her great gift of empathy. She creates such a safe and loving space for people to become vulnerable and do their work in. I would highly recommend her to others.”
Suzan Freedom, Freedom Center